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Reliable Crowns and Bridges in Jacksonville

Crowns make it comfortable to chew with damaged molars, and bridges can make you feel confident to smile again if you are missing one or more teeth. We have been helping residents regain comfort and confidence for many years.

What Is a Crown?

Crowns get their name because they work similarly to a crown that a queen might put on her head. As a head crown covers a person's hair, a tooth crown covers a tooth.
Crowns are specially molded and fitted for your mouth. They match your bite pattern to ensure that you don't break another tooth or feel any sort of discomfort. Crowns are cemented in place once properly fitted. They may be used if you have multiple cavities, softness or severe damage on a tooth. As long as you avoid excessive amounts of taffy and other chewy foods, the crown normally stays in place very well.

What Is a Bridge?

Bridges get their name because they create a link between two teeth where the third tooth in the middle was extracted.
The bridge is a piece that attaches to the teeth surrounding the gap with a crown design, and the gap area is fitted for an artificial tooth. The components are all fused together in one piece.
If you had a tooth extracted, it is important to have a bridge made to keep the surrounding teeth from shifting. Bridges are often a reasonable alternative for missing teeth. 
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